As 20 a year veteran in the aftermarket performance industry, I have worked for and with some of the biggest performance companies out there. Many of which are featured in the GT Sport today. With that kind of time put into the industry, it is safe to say I love cars and I love racing (even if I’m not that great at the racing part). Because of this love for both the industry as well as the Grand Turismo franchise I created

GT Mojo is a site I put together initially as a knowledge base for GT Sport set-ups, tips, and tricks based on what I found stuff throughout the net. I wanted a way to cut through a lot of the chatter found on forums and YouTube reviews to get to the technical information and maybe see some cool designs along the way. But as time went on I saw that some set-ups worked some and some didn’t (at least for me) and figured other people might be interested same information. So, I changed the format of the site and made it so users could contribute to the knowledge base and rate information found.

On GTMojo users can write or upload and share screenshots or embed videos of their car set-ups. Promote their YouTube or Twitch channel, upload livery designs and scapes or if you’re feeling adventurous flex your writing skills about GT Sport.

The goal of the site is to build a community-based knowledge bank of information which drivers can use to improve their skills.

Whether it’s improving the users driving skills, designing or even photography skills hopefully GTMojo can help.

As time goes on and if the demand is there I will use some of my contacts within the industry to bring GTMojo users some insider info and bits some pieces of exclusive content. If you made this far on the page I thank you and I really hope you in enjoy the site.


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