1978 Nissan Cedric SGL E (H330) VH41DE 4.1L V8 ITB 360hp Air Ride Build Project

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1978 Nissan Cedric SGL E (H330) VH41DE 4.1L V8 ITB 360hp Air Ride Build Project

268kW (360hp) at wheels

Nissan VH41DE 4.1-litre V8, stock bottom end & cylinder heads, Kelford race cams, JBR sand-cast independent throttle body setup, custom linkages, carbon fibre velocity stacks, custom cross-member, custom equal-length headers, custom 90x45mm oval section exhaust with ‘X’ pipe, 370cc CA18DET injectors, Walbro 500hp in-tank fuel pump, custom alloy radiator, full engine bay de-loom, Link G4 Extreme engine management system

Nissan 5R01 5-speed automatic, Compushift II transmission controller (manualised), Nissan R200 viscous LSD diff

Custom front crossmember, rack & pinion steering conversion, custom tubular front A-arms & shock mounts, urethane bushes, uprated anti-roll bar, custom front hubs, custom tubular steel IRS subframe, custom rose-jointed tubular rear lower arms, custom billet rear cantilever arms & shock cradle, custom billet rear knuckles, RideTech ShockWave shocks with Firestone bag-over-shock arrangement front/rear, Nissan R32 GTS-t front 4-pot disc brakes, Nissan R32 GTS-t rear 2-pot disc brakes, Nissan R31 Skyline half shafts, titanium skid plates

August Feroce 15×7.5-inch, Toyo T1R 195/55R15 (front), August Feroce 15×10-inch, Toyo T1R 225/50R15 (rear)

Tubbed front & rear arches, notched front inner guards to clear top arms, Nissan R34 Skyline Z-Tune silver paint (code KY0), re-chromed bumpers, new-old-stock badges & emblems, standard SGL-E grille & trim options

Standard seats re-bolstered & trimmed in black leatherette and Alcantara, standard door trims, illuminated resin shifter

Builder: John Van Beek (skdmrx)
Build Thread: http://www.nzdatsun.com/forums/viewto…
Please Check out and Subscribe to Builder’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBfG…
This video purpose is to tell world about amazing car build project and to inspire ever growing car builder community around the world. So if you’re inspired in building your own car and want to learn more about how to do it in best way, don’t hesitate and read build source page so you can learn something new and if something is not clear you can always ask builder some questions about the build.



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