There are 218 Cars in “Gran Turismo Sport” Now Available for Purchase Through the PlayStation™Store

2019-01-28 07:46:13

Gran Turismo® Sport

An amazing 218 cars, which were previously only available through in-game purchases, can now be obtained from the PlayStation™Store. This includes cars priced less than 2,000,000 in-game Cr.

How to purchase cars through the PlayStation™Store:

From “Gran Turismo Sport”

Select the car you want to purchase in Brand Central. After selecting the body color and the purchase method, a dialog box will be displayed. If you select the “PlayStation™Store” option, you will be redirected to the purchase screen on the PlayStation™Store. (You can also purchase cars normally with in-game credits.)

From PlayStation®4*

Proceed to the PlayStation™Store from the PlayStation Dynamic Menu. Select “Gran Turismo Sport” from the list of games and you will be able to purchase cars from the [Add-Ons] section.

From Smartphones/PCs*

Go to the PlayStation™Store website and select Gran Turismo Sport from the list of games, then make your purchase from the [Add-Ons] section.

*If you purchase a car from the PlayStation™Store without going through Brand Central in-game, you will need to collect the car from Brand Central the next time you are in-game. You can collect cars from the [Purchased Content] section within Brand Central, or the purchase confirmation screen of the collectible car. (The body color of the car can be selected when you collect your purchase.)



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