GT Sport Mission 8 – 6 Easy Gold (wallride)

Drive into turn 1 at full speed. Once you hit the wall, let go of the gas and downshift into 4th
Once you pull off the wall, accelerate and proceed to run the rest of the track normally. Try to aim for 200 kph when you get back on the throttle.

On the last turn, try to constantly hit the apex at around 260+ kph on full throttle. (when the left curbing transitions from yellow to blue)

Once in first, use the left side of the track on the straights to prevent the pack behind from drafting you.

Pit strategy – Pit on lap 11. This strategy will leave you out of gas by turn 3 if you try to attempt to pit on lap 12.
+10 laps of fuel, Race Mediums for tires

Car – Impreza grp3
Tires – RS Front RM Rear – All RM on pit at lap 11
TCS – 1
Fuel map – default



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